Driveway Sealants

After you have gone to the trouble of High Pressure Rotary Cleaning your driveway, why not seal it! Driveway and masonry sealants repel oil stains left by vehicles, acid rain that makes your driveway go black, along with rust marks and mould that builds up in shaded and damp areas.
Driveway floor – The Epoxy Floor Coating Specialists in Mackay, QLD
Driveway sealants are great for:
Driveway sealants are great for:
Exposed aggregate driveways
Pebbletex driveways
Stamped concrete driveways
It will also protect the surface from wearing or fading.

Need your surfaces cleaned before coating?

Our Driveway Cleaning Specialists subsidiary can prepare your surfaces thoroughly to ensure your investment is secured on a clean foundation. Thorough surface preparation is paramount to an excellent finish, and the longevity of the surface coating.