About Us

We supply a range of products in conjunction with our services, such as epoxy floor coatings, driveway and masonry sealants and line marking and demarcation paint. The products we offer are durable and resilient to wear and tear and weathering over time.
A living room –  – The Epoxy Floor Coating Specialists in Mackay, QLD

Vision Statement

"When people anywhere, anytime need the highest quality finish available their first choice will be The Epoxy Floor Coating Specialists."

Mission Statement

To have both our businesses The Epoxy Floor Coating Specialists and The Driveway Cleaning Specialists known as Australia's most knowledgeable, reliable and diversified service group within our target market.
We will do this by providing exceptional service to our customers. Our core products are hard surface cleaning and preventative coatings and we will diversify and add products and services that complement this.

We believe in our People, Products and Associates and will provide "Shared Value" to all those concerned within our organisation.

We will build and foster a dedicated team by continual training and development.
We understand that our team is our most valuable asset.

We will pursue advances in technology to help increase the safety of homes, workplaces and public areas.

We will grow nationally and develop the business into a revolutionary and profitable franchise model for future partners.

We will have continual, profitable and manageable growth.

Our company has a safety-conscious attitude as well as being recognised by the community as a professional, reliable company.

Corporate Belief

The corporate culture and belief of both The Epoxy Floor Coating Specialists and The Driveway Cleaning Specialists is that by keeping surfaces, such as driveways and workshop floors clean and sealed, you reduce the risk of injury to users and protect the floors to maintain their value.