Industrial/Commercial/Residential Cleaning

The Epoxy Floor Coating Specialists subsidiary division The Driveway Cleaning Specialists have become the leaders in industrial cleaning because of our ability to remove all the contaminants from the floors of industrial workshops and factories using hot water, high pressure, rotary cleaning and vacuum extraction.
Residential Cleaning  – The Epoxy Floor Coating Specialists in Mackay, QLD

Industrial Cleaning

Our clients realise the importance of providing their employees with a safe working environment, free from hazards, such as oily floors and other slippery surfaces, while still embracing the strict principles demanded by the Environmental Protection Act. We know that it is hard to schedule cleaning around a large busy workforce so we will happily weave our magic 'out of hours' so as not to inconvenience the management or workers at your facility.
Residential Cleaning  – The Epoxy Floor Coating Specialists in Mackay, QLD

Commercial Cleaning

High pressure rotary cleaning and vacuum extraction of:
Cold room
Tennis courts
Synthetics hockey fields
Shopping centres
High-rise complexes
Outdoor eating areas
The Driveway Cleaning Specialists use high-pressure hot or cold water rotary machines to clean cold rooms, tennis courts, synthetic hockey fields or any other commercial surface. We can remove mould, oil, grease, dirt, chewing gum, rainwater stains and various other types of build-up.
Residential Cleaning  – The Epoxy Floor Coating Specialists in Mackay, QLD

Residential Cleaning

Line marking and demarcation are a necessity in both the private and public sectors for establishing boundaries and identifying risks and hazards. We offer a specialised line marking and demarcation service for government, residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

High-pressure rotary cleaning of:
Pool surrounds
The Driveway Cleaning Specialists are able to use hot or cold water at high or low pressure (depending on the task at hand) to remove mould, oil stains, dirt, rain water stains, paint and other commonly occurring contaminants from Pebbletex, cement, exposed aggregate and paved areas. You'll be amazed at how well we can restore your driveway. Our rotary cleaning machines are purpose built and we believe, having trialled many machines, that the ones that we use are the best in the industry. The results will speak for themselves. Pressure cleaning the exterior of your home, office or factory will restore it to near new condition. It can be brick, cladding, fibro, timber, rendered or concrete just to name a few. The cleaning process is cost-effective if you're planning on selling your premises and want to bring it back to life, or when you're preparing to repaint. (We also provide surface painting services if you'd like us to quote on repainting your surfaces for you).

Need your surface coated once it's sparkling clean?

Our Epoxy Floor Coating Specialists Division may be of interest to you when it comes time to have your surfaces returned to looking like new, with our array of textured, flecked and industrial epoxy floor coating solutions.